How can we use Voicethreads in the classroom?

Voicethread is a video discussion software that allows people to post a video at their convenience. It is a great educational tool because it allows students to practice their speaking and listening skills through creating threads of discussion around a topic using web cams. Imagine a forum such as reddit, except instead of using text to discuss topics students can use video or voice recordings. Students can further elaborate on their content by adding slides or pictures as visual teaching aids.

One way I could use Voicethread is as a reflection tool to further conversation from class. For example you could be teaching grade 5 students a lesson about tornadoes. You could ask them a question about how they would prepare for an approaching tornado in their community. The students could answer the question, reply to other classmates Voicethreads and pose their own questions about tornados for the class.

Voicethread is an excellent tool because it correlates with the theory of "learning retention rates" in that students who discuss and teach others are able to retain more information compared to traditional lectures.


Here is my example of a digital ebook created using Google Slides on Google Drive.
It outlines the predominant teaching strategy (TPACK) discussed in our tech class and shows how this digital artifact is an example of us activating our TPACK knowledge.

My Philosophy of Tech-Enhanced Teaching and Learning

Being a teacher who is able to use technology is important because it models a current approach to learning for students. Teachers who are master tech are able to modify and technology to enhance content and strategies for learning. Because technology is ever-changing, a teacher who constantly experiments and uses new technology in the classroom promotes a vibrant growth mindset as opposed to a static and outdated one. 

TPCK Philosophy

Teacher K

Hi there!

I'm Teacher K. You might wonder why I use Teacher K as my nickname. The reason is in some other parts of the world teachers sometimes use "teacher" and their name. I taught in Taiwan and South Korea and my students called me Teacher K. Feel free to call me Mr. Crawford or just plain Teacher K. 

Both are fine.

In 2004, I earned a B.A. (Honours) Degree from Queen’s University in Film Studies and Dramatic Arts. Following graduation, I received two Oxford Seminar TESL certificates and an EFL certificate from Hess Educational Organization as well as a “Teacher of the Year” award in 2006. My teaching style is clear and direct while appealing to the emotional and social needs of young learners.

Being an experienced ESL teacher, I have taught in Elementary Schools in both South Korea and Taiwan. Over the last ten years, I have had the opportunity to teach a wide age range of students with diverse learning needs. As a result, I have refined my classroom management as well as developed the communicative interpersonal skills required when working with parents, class volunteers, colleagues and most importantly the students. Moreover, I have demonstrated an ability to design, modify and create curriculum to further enhance the students learning.

One of my greatest strengths as an elementary school teacher is working with students creatively on performative based projects. I have a true passion for working with students in Drama and encouraging them to use multimedia and digital filmmaking techniques in their projects. Also, it is through my experience abroad that I have learned that it is important to celebrate diversity, while remaining sensitive to an individual’s cultural identity. 

Now let's have some fun learning!